Pacifika Beyond Bravada, DBR
Hunter Crni Lotos x Nani Crni Lotos
"Bubbles" is a result of breeding two imported dogs from FCI  International judge Lydia Mihajlovic.  She is an exceptional bitch to me, in every way.,,

A wonderful, stable temperament with good working drives; she is an exceptional guard dog; yet loving and kind to both children and puppies. 

Bubbles is an incredible female Rottweiler, standing at 65+ cm at the shoulder with tree trunk bone and a body and head to match.   

See her parents and some candids of her below.  Bubbles is OFA Good, with passing OFA Cardiac and Elbows. She is clear via DNA testing for the long coat gene.
Bubbles at the Aloha State Rottweiler Club Match. Click on her photo to see her photo pedigree
Hunter Crni Lotos, pictured at 8 months. This is Bubble's sire.

(Int. CH. Phyton Crni Lotos x Int. CH. Xannah Crni Lotos)​​
                Nani Crni Lotos, Bubbles' mom
(Int CH. Brando V Kelemen x CH Roma Crni Lotos)​
HD - ED- (Europe)​
Bubbles, left and Lucie at Pokai Bay, Hawaii. Photo August 12, 2013.
Int. CH. Phyton Crni Lotos IPO 1

photo courtesy of Crni Lotos Kennels​​
Int. CH. Xannah Crni Lotos, IPO1
photo courtesy of Crni Lotos Kennels​
AKC Major pointed in his first and only show. He was prelim'd OFA Good w/passing elbows at 14 months.
Roma Crni Lotos

photo courtesy of Crni Lotos kennels​​
Int. CH. Brando V Kelemen

photo courtesy of Crni Lotos kennels​​
Some of the puppies previously produced by Bubbles:

Bubbles pictured on the left with her daughter, "Lucie."
Photo ​January 27, 2014