Our dogs are a part of our family.  
​​Rottweilers are loyal dogs who will follow you room to room and desire to be with those they love.
They do not do well in a kennel environment nor should be chained up. ​​

Rottweilers should never be left unattended with a very young child or with anyone they are not familiar and comfortable with.  Any  family with young children seeking a Rottweiler should find a breeder who has dogs with bloodlines which do well with a family climate. 
Some bloodlines emphasize stronger working temperaments which ​​​​could mean higher drives in prey and aggression and requires a knowledgeable and experience handler/ owner. ​​​

​​Study the lines and speak to breeders before making a decision.  Rottweilers who have high working drives require a lot of exercise and a dominate handler. We would be happy to chat with you about your hopes in the breed, questions or inquiries.
Pictured right, 2013, three generations of  DBR females: Bubbles, Lucie and Vegas.
Above, generation #4​
10 week old female going to a show home in Texas in two days. This is our 4th generation DBR bred girl. This photo was unedited with exception to cropping. Photo taken Feb 21, 2016
 Our previous litter in 2017

​​ All puppies are sold.  V-1 Viper Von Der Alten Festung IPO-1 x Kela XXIV Karat Gold V DBR. Pictures below at  5 thru 7  weeks old.   Photos Oct 30, 2017.   Please check back for updates in the beginning of 2018.  
DouPictured Left to Right: Lucie, Raikou, Pauahi, Kiki and "Butch" . Photo March 15 2018b
We cWe had a beautiful litter out of our AKC Champion female, "Lucie." Puppies were born on Nov 19, 2018.  All puppies are in their new homes.
Doubl A litter was born out of Pauahi and Raikou on Feb 16, 2019.   
Manalani, owned by Joh and Jennifer Concepcion of Kapolei Hawaii
Loki owned by Glenn and Marie Fernandez, Wailuku Maui
Drag pictured at 1 year  is owned by Todd Nolan in Wailuku Maui..
Left, DBR the Black Mamba, Major pointed, OFA Excllent with all health clearances.  Click on this photo to see him now.
TK's Gladiator and our beautiful girl, "Kiki" had a litter of puppies on March 20, 2020.  All puppies have gone to their new homes. (May 11, 2020)
Loki, owned by Marie and Glenn Fernandez 
Sadly, we are unable to offer any puppies as our breeding females are both spayed. However, if we know of any litters expected by other Code of Ethics Breeders, it will be posted here.

​​​Below, 4 cuties from Raikou; bred by Rottweiler_808, Mr. Pei Shin. Sorry, these pups have homes waiting 5/1/2022

Gagi is currently 4 years old.
Gladiator is now 4 years old.

​ Pictured below, DBR the Last Samurai of Kusunoki, aka "Kaiju" at 3 months. (Raikou x Rei)  Kaiju is co-owned by DBR and lives with his Dad, Jim in Nuuanu Hawaii.