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Multi BISS/BIS CH. KeeRocka's Entertainer CDX x CH Von Boylan's Grand Stand CDX

October 15, 2001 - January 29 2013
Love last forever my "Piddleypooh"; I miss your crooked smile.
"Vegas" as she is known to her friends, is the complete Rottweiler: She comes from a Stellar pedigree, has all her health clearances, obtained her titles both conformation and performance and ALSO, is proven a producer.

Both Vegas' parents were ARC Producers of the Year.  (Vegas was also awarded this very prestigeous honor, as well as her mother and grandmother.)

Vegas is pictured above in various ages, and with her mother (who is laying down).
Vegas pictured right, less than two years of age, and above as a veteran; shows us all that style and class never fade with time.

Vegas has produced many champions with a variety of different lines. In addition, her offspring has also went on to produce BISS Champions.

​​ Our own "Lucie" is her grand-daughter out of her CH. son, & #1 Hawaii Ranked Rottweiler, "Hero."